Invest in a better future

It's time to invest in a better future

Invest in companies that don't harm the planet. Good for your pocket. Good karma for the planet. It's Super Obvious

What makes us different

Nothing nasty

We provide a way to grow your wealth and feel confident to do so without investing in businesses that damage the world around us.

We Save You $

Our fees are substantially lower than most of our competitors at only $2 a month. Doing the right thing shouldn't cost you an arm and a leg.

Impact you can see

Knowing the impact of your financial decisions should be simple to find - and even easier to understand. Our tools show how your money is going to work for you.

No Mumbo Jumbo

Investing should be simple. This industry is riddled with phrases that make it intentionally harder for you to understand - let alone question. That's not how we operate.

History of Performance

Ethical investing no longer means second-rate returns. We've teamed up with one of Australia's best-performing fund managers to provide industry-leading ethical strategies to our customers.

Aussie service

We are an Australian-based team with local support staff here to help whenever you need us.

Empowering you to create a cleaner future

Your money has power. Let's put it to work.

79% of Australians believe our investment decisions can influence things like climate change, health and wellbeing. Time to stop talking and start taking action now.

From Values to Riches 2020: Charting consumer expectations and demand for responsible investing in Australia

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Don't take our word for it

We love reviews and feedback.
Five Stars

Love it, easy onboarding, slick interface and impactful product!


Western Australia

Five Stars

Came across these guys on Instagram as I was pretty interested in ethical investing. Although it's still in beta, the app is simple to use with a nice interface. Looking forward to seeing more features roll out in the future!


New South Wales

“great, easy fast access”

Five Stars



Five Stars

Excited to be a part of a new investment strategy based on doing what's right for the planet.


New South Wales

Five Stars

I love the concept of being able to invest ethically. I'm a strong believer in investing in companies that benefit the sustainability of the planet and the Super Obvious app allows me to do this.


Western Australia

Five Stars

Amazing app! Super easy to use! Fantastic customer support 🙌


New South Wales


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